The Cultural planning process is divided into 5 tasks as outlined below.


Task 1: Discovery

  1. Research and document existing cultural assets throughout Akron (Add your thoughts to the asset map)

  2. Discover the City of Akron

  3. Design a work plan and detailed schedule of the overall timeline for the creation of the Cultural Plan

  4. Design a project website and project communication plan


Task 2: Gathering Community Input

  1. Understand the attitudes and perceptions of Akron culture throughout the City

  2. Determine the best method for community engagement opportunities.

  3. Facilitate community engagement activities


Task 3: Synthesize Ideas and Define Strategy

  1. Articulate of a common vision for Akron

  2. Develop a strategy to gain community feedback on the overall Plan


Task 4: Make Initial Recommendations

  1. Present draft cultural plan to the community and City Staff

  2. Creation of the final Cultural Plan

  3. Develop outreach materials


Task 5: Share Final Review and Recommendation

Presentation to City Council and Akron residents.

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