Cultural Plan Kickoff Meetings Success!

On May 30, 2019, the cultural planning team held the first two neighborhood meet-ups to kick off the summer of engagement for the Akron Cultural Plan. These meet-ups were held simultaneously on the evening of May 30, and were hosted at the Odom Branch Library and the Coventry Oaks Lodge. We had a great turnout and fantastic conversation about what creates the cultural vibrancy of Akron what Akronites envision for the future of arts and culture in their City.

Did you miss these two meetings? Don’t worry - we will be hosting 9 more neighborhood meet-ups this summer! Find the schedule here.

Can’t make a meeting? Visit our “Find Us” page to see where we will have tables or booths at Akron events this summer! While you’re there, be sure to complete our survey and place your ideas on the interactive map!

Morgan Lasher
Stakeholder Meetings

The project team of Designing Local and ArtsNow wants to connect with as many residents, community leaders, and creatives as possible. The team has worked to engage and connect with cultural leaders, creatives, and community stakeholders.

 We also believe that we can’t be inclusive without being transparent, so the team has built an entirely open process. We will also be sharing a link soon where you can find a running list of engaged stakeholders to date. If you see someone or some topics that we’re missing, please let us know. Plus, you’ll find multiple opportunities to add your own ideas and feedback.

Morgan Lasher
Meet Our Steering Committee!

Thank you to our steering committee, who recently met to kick off the cultural plan. They have so generously volunteered their time to serve as community liaisons to the project team in this planning process.

The goal of this committee is to ensure the project team deeply understands the community feedback, and the committee is also tasked with sharing events, surveys, and planning tools within their organizations and community networks.

Morgan Lasher
An Akron Tour with Dave Leiberth

By Josh Lapp, Designing Local

Dave, like LeBron James, is a born-and-bred Akronite. Where his basketball career didn’t take off, though, his journalistic, law and government career sure did. He worked for 35 years as a reporter and news director, receiving multiple state and national journalism awards. As a practicing lawyer in Akron for 25 years, he was frequently listed among the Best Lawyers of America. Notably, he was Deputy Mayor and Chief of Staff in Akron for a decade until his retirement in 2012. He was even selected by the White House to moderate President Clinton’s first Town Meeting on Race, carried live nationally on C-Span in 1997! (LeBron only has two championships…)

Needless to say, Dave knows what he’s talking about, especially when it comes to Akron. He wrote the book on Akron. Literally – he wrote “Greater Akron: Inventive. Industrious. Inspired,” a book on the history of Akron, published in 2013. 

Morgan Lasher